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This mask is a 2 layer cotton poly with the with what is shown embroidered on them.   This comes in  Black with yellow gold or silver dolphins only.  You can add extra embroidery under the Dolphins at an extra fee. These have elastic straps for the ears.  If you don't want anything put none in the block.

Made in the USA with 2 layers of cotton/poly material.  Washable/ReusableMask helps contain respiratory droplets and micron particles.

Disclaimer: I have no scientific data that this will prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 Virus. As stated by the CDC the use of social distancing and proper hygene are the most effective means to minimize transmission. This will take @ 2 weeks for delivery.  

1. Name and Hull Number of the boat you want on your mask 

2. Your Phone number in case I have a lookup for you. If you get a call from someone in Utah it is probably me.



Sub specific Face Mask.

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