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This shirt comes in Black, Navy Blue, Light Blue, White and Red. Shirts  2 xl - 4 xl are extra. You can have any Boat and Hull Number you like. I can also do this on the back of the shirt,  but it would cost an additional $35.00.

If you have any questions please call me or text me at 435-840-0548. I live in Utah.


Please list the following in the special instructions box.


1 Name and Hull Number of your boat.

2. Which Rating you want A gang, QM etc.

3. Your Name and Rate if you want it on your shirt.

4. Color of shirt

5. Color of Mermaids, Silver or Green and Fleshtone or Green Fleshtone with Sea Shells.

6.Your Phone number in case I have a lookup for you.



Mermaid Dolphin T Shirt

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